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In Dialogue :

Henry Moore, “Three Women In A Shelter”

Kazumasa Nagai, Unknown Title (taken from “Poster Museum”

Franz Kline, “Working Model for ‘Oval with Points’”


The illustration with the young Student (a symbolic figure for Home-Room) is donning a pair of in-house shorts we had made over at a.Demonstration︎︎︎ and was made to act as promotional material for the Object as much as it was an exercise of expression.

This set includes exerpts from the work of Henry Moore and Kazumasa Nagai- two artists I admire- providing texture and tension both aesthetically and contextually. Moore’s work came to mind after finishing the second figure and just felt right to connect to the set of work.

The second figure (I refer to as the Effigy of the Student) was the result of the initial sketch for what was supposed to be the young Student, but was instead left unfinished and later rendered to look almost sculptural. Despite not being fully realized as its original intent, the Effigy still retains the same momentum found in the (final rendition) Student. A dynamism I found to be essential from the start.


Motion in Stillness. Tension in Balance.

Mixed media,
Graphite on paper, 8.5”x11” cut and taped together, Irregular dimension + Digital collage and type,


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