Francisco, Joaquim


In the habit of Visual Arts:
The Curation +  Communication of Affinities,
Ideas, Belief, and Expression primarily through the use of:

Illustration, Design, Creative Direction.

Founder of Home-Room︎︎︎ + a.Demonstration︎︎︎

Non-Standard Infrastructure. Uniform Dynamics.

︎ Granada Hills, CA (L.A. County) U.S.A.

On The Business of Illusion

“We have been thrust into a time where it’s so easy to be a spectator- surfing through channels, scrolling through feeds, clicking one link after another. Living Through and Outside-Of. Limitless information- media; knowledge; fact; fiction; truth and lies; art and dialogue accessible at all times- and has, for most, been a replacement for what once was a simple reality. Having to navigate through this Hyperrealism is my reality. The work serves to capture an impression this reality. Finding poetry in non-poetics; making connections between ideas that seem unrelated at first glance; exploring the rabbit holes of affinities and subjects passing through. The work is my attempt at making sense of confusions- in a world where truth is illusive.  To illustrate sense or a deliberate lack thereof is the control I strive for in my work- all in service to an idea, a thought, a feeling. Such is illustration. Such is the business of illusion.”

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Self-educated in the modes of expression, JOYCE is deeply interested in handling and caretaking external ideas and contexts to create personal responses to the world around- and metaphors for the human condition. With 7 years of experience in freelance work and independent publishing, JOYCE has honed his craft in both physical and digital mediums. This has resulted in a refined and informed practice of expression that is truly unique.

:Uniform Dynamic ︎︎︎ Dynamic Uniform is a duality that deals in non-dualities. The very essence of those words in succession can be used to describe the nature in which The Artist’s work exists as.(END):



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