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Illustration + Graphic Design, Product Design.


A subsidiary operation under HOME-ROOM- made with the purpose of Object and Artifact making. 
a.D represents and demonstrates concepts and contexts of HOME-ROOM’s various interests through the physical by bringing abstractions and intention into form, and engaging in the more traditional / commonplace practice of Commerce- the exchange of material “goods + services”- along with rituals closely associated with that exchange in a contemporary setting- (branding/marketing/vice of capital + profit) in order to sustain and raise awareness on HOME-ROOM’s primary objective.

Individual projects under a.D are referred to as “Assignments” (ASGN) and serve as the foundations for curiosities, interests, and case studies HOME-ROOM would exercise- developing its philosophy, intention, vernacular, and experience which each subsequent Assignment.

: (Manfuacture) -> Object -> (Implementation of Abstract / Intent ) -> Artifact :

“Unfinished Concrete”

"Unfinished Concrete" refers to the infrastructure and vernacular in which Home Room operates. An infrastructure that is subject to be adjusted in observation of ever-changing times, while maintaining and upholding core values. As a micro-institution, we must create systems (such as our own vocabulary) to achieve our vision effectively and distinctly. This mission is drawn out to display and make known what it is we at Home Room / a.Demonstration are trying to achieve. A mission that must be shared and understood by everyone engaging with this project, as it is only when we can speak a single vocabulary, that we are able to move into the future. 

The Unfinished Concrete diagram will be revised overtime as ideas and dynamics change. The current version was written on August 30, 2022

DTG printed graphic and sewn woven tag on ProClub® shirt.


Donning the Home Room Student mascot, A.13 celebrates the role of the spirited: academics, creatives, librarians, and a fundamental tool used to express their intentions, big ideas and emotions alike: The N°2 Pencil.

DTG printed graphic and sewn woven tag on ProClub® shirt.

“APPENDIX : 01 : Bootleg Sonic”

“Bootleg Sonic” graphic tees feature a reinterpreted Sonic illustration by a friend. Additional graphics are appropriated imagery from Sega and their first Sonic game, “Sonic The Hedgehog”, on the Sega Genesis.

“ ‘Bootleg Sonic’ tees are the first artifacts in our “Appendix” Catalogue, a collection of artistic work that celebrates crafts aligned with our personal interests and experiences rather than the brand’s expression.”

DTG printed graphic and sewn woven tag on ProClub® shirt.

“H-R 01”

“(Home-Room’s mascott and identity) ...printed on sourced vintage single stitched blanks dating back to the 80’s and 90’s that vary in brand, fades, distressing— offering a wide range of silhouettes.” 

The repurposing the aged and expereinced to provide a foundation of new ideas is a recurring fascination. Usually done with more abstract concepts, this exercise of using old clothing and applying new graphics demonstrates the dynamic in a more tangible and physical way.

By keeping the original tags of the shirt, we embrace the article’s heritage and history, as we are building on top of it-- and ‘fortifying’ it as an artifact.

DTG printed graphic and sewn woven tag on various source shirts.

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