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: HOME-ROOM : EST. 2019

Home Room is an initiative that aims to provide a place of permanence for The Artist and their work in an impermanent, transient information age: by cataloguing The Artist’s work on a single Library as contributions to a greater dialogue:

...The work of cataloging and archiving works of art has only been thought of as the work reserved only for larger, older, and wealthy institutions: museums, foundations, even governments. Now we find ourselves in an era where those institutions cannot adequately accommodate the amount and the rate of which the human experience is made accessible and visible. Because of this, we lose so many notable people and their expressions– like grains of sand falling between our fingertips.

But we need not rely on these institutions to build homes for our voices and our expressions. It is only because we live in an information age that we can take this matter into our own hands. It is now, with the power of the internet, that we can- and must- build our own museums.

This is the work that Home Room’s infrastructure aims to progress and set the standard for. Implementing essential core philosophies- an unprecedented sense of purpose, attention to detail, careful consideration of concepts and ideas, in order to preserve human expressions fully for the future.

To achieve this objective, the philosophy of practice must emphasize the treatment of Art (in a digital context) as Objects to be recorded, preserved, and occasionally transposed into physical Artifacts (through a.Demonstration: a subsidiary of Home Room).

: ( Philosophy In Practice ) Updated 030823 :

Current: Setting the standard and the precedent for archiving artwork in a meaningful way, applying traditional methods and values of “old guard” institutions. ( The HOME-ROOM_ARCHIVE-ENTRY )

Grand Objective: To create a protocol in which notable contemporary Artwork can be curated and carefully catalogued + preserved online without the reliance on outdated, deficient, expirable, (i.e. Media Hosting Services, CSS, etc.) and inhumane platforms (i.e. Social Media). 

Unfinished Concrete ( H-R )

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A subsidiary operation under HOME-ROOM- made with the purpose of Object and Artifact making.
a.D represents and demonstrates concepts and contexts of HOME-ROOM’s various interests through the physical by bringing abstractions and intention into form, and engaging in the more traditional / commonplace practice of Commerce- the exchange of material “goods + services”- along with rituals closely associated with that exchange in a contemporary setting- (branding/marketing/vice of capital + profit) in order to sustain and raise awareness on HOME-ROOM’s primary objective.

: ( Manfuacture ) ︎︎︎ OBJECT ︎︎︎ ( Implementation of Abstract / Intent ) ︎︎︎ ARTIFACT : (END) 

Founder. Director.
Illustration + Graphic Design,
Product Design


Flight Program is a platform dedicated to the creation + adaptation of personal artwork for the implementation on garments and other objects of interest. These artifacts are typically made to serve as goods to be sold and directly support ©JOYCE.

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