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“(1-800) Stash Raiders” 

©JOYCE for 1980SomethingCo.

Illustration, Graphic Design, Product Design

Artwork and design for merchandise (T-Shirt) representing “Stash Raiders”︎︎︎ - a show created and hosted by Chris Hernandez, 1980SomethingCo.︎︎︎ - documenting vintage clothing thrifters (collectors and sellers) sharing their stories and showcasing their personal collection.

The illustration shows this core dynamic found in the series, with the host Chris (1980SomethingCo.) pointing to T-shirt being held by an anonymous subject representing any and all guests that are featured on the show. They sit and hang out on a couch- in front of them, T-shirts, books, and a VHS tape littered on a coffee table. Mosts episodes are filmed on location at the guest’s home or studio providing an intimate inside look into the lives of these thrifters.

Released in 2021.

Mixed media,
Graphite and ink on paper, 8.5”x11”
+ Digital media, colour and type,


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