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“Casi Angeles <3”

©JOYCE for Heartgaze

Illustration, Graphic Design

Heartgaze approached me to design artworks for his debut album entitled “Casi Angeles”︎︎︎- an energetic project which I found recontextualizes sounds/genre reminiscent of late 90s early 2000s, shining a light on a unique side of Spanish music typically unseen and unknown- (particularly in the States, where sounds outside of Reggaton, Salsa, or Bachata are not typically/readily visible to people.) I myself was stunned by the project and was so ecstatic to have recieved the opportunity define the sounds of the music visually.

The artwork was made using photographs taken and provided by Noah Keckler︎︎︎. I digitally altered, stylized and collaged Keckler’s photographs with illustrative iconography and additional graphics.

Each of the artworks found on the singles borrows a section/icon from the complete EP artwork as they are fragments of the full project.

Released in 2023.

Mixed media,
Ink on paper, 8.5x11” 
+ Digital media, collage, and colour,


Website via Cargo c/o ©JOYCE. All artworks are created by Joaquim Francisco under the pseudonym ©JOYCE unless otherwise stated.
All Rights Reserved.