“An Ancient Modern”

A tribute to Halloween and its place in modernity. An artifact made in collaboration with artist Walter Parenton︎︎︎ under the pseudonym “Graphix Slayer” (FKA) now currently Clip Art Menace︎︎︎

“Halloween. It is the amalgamation of centuries of human experience, and encompasses the magic of Summer’s End. The meaning of Halloween as we know it today has culminated through various stories of old, religious traditions, national customs, literature, and film.

As the culture of Halloween progressed through our history, so did its symbols...

...iconography used to represent The Spirits of Autumn includes the likes of The Jack O’ Lantern, The Witch, The Ghost, and The Skeleton. All of which were popularized by holiday decoration manufacturing companies like The Beistle Co, when Halloween transitioned into a more commercial holiday. Through highly available and inexpensive paper decorations featuring vibrant illustrations of Halloween symbols, Beistle contributed to making Halloween imagery commonplace in the United States, and ultimately defined the standard icons for the season.    

In Assignment 9, Artist Graphix Slayer enhances the Icons of Halloween, The Spirits of Autumn, in his own vision, a Future Nostalgic Occult, to be reborn in the Information Age.”

Puff print screen printed graphic Los Angeles Apparel ® long sleeve shirt.

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