“Active Union”

Screaming athletics on a non-athletic garment.


The Tyvek athlete number tag is a particular motif I found really interesting in sport meets- I was interested in the way it was just pinned or glued onto an athlete’s uniform- explaining the plastered word: “AMENDMENT” on our tag. The fact that a number was representing a person with an extraordinary mental and physical prowess- competing in a system that was made just for them.

The shoe drawn on the rear of the shirt is a Nike® branded leather japanese split toe shoe or “Jikatabi” in the style of an oxford shoe. Perhaps the last thing someone would wear to a sport meet, but maybe the Nike® swoosh- the Nike® spirit- would give the wearer a “peace of mind?” 

A person who may be out of their depth, competing in an organized competition they might not be suitable for, with footwear not made for such usage but branded as such.

Athletic motifs and wording on a shirt that was not optimized for athletic activities.

It is unclear whether or not the odds favor our theoretical athlete. Is it the equipment, the system, or the athlete? Strength of the body or power of the mind? Reality is not binary. Anything can happen.

Ironies on a shirt.

DTG printed graphic and sewn Tyvek athletic number tag on Uniqlo® U shirt.

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