The qualities of a trusted brand’s garment and ubiquitous identity used as a foundation for an idea or intention removed from the object’s original conception. In this case, it is the application of the Home-Room identity and the implementation of techniques / practices ( embroidery, sewing, etc. )

or more commonly put: a Bootleg 


My obsession with the Nike® logo and the Nike® brand goes way back to when I was younger. At first as a consumer and eventually more of a symbolic/metaphorical affinity in a lot of my work... but also still as a consumer... : )

The use of superficial imagery and identity as if they were words in order to form a sentence- all in service to the conveying of an idea or feeling. Why invent your own words when there is a whole language to pull from? Why make an athletic garment to implement graphics when it already exists?- when it already has been perfected by someone with the resources required? The same goes for everything else in the world around me. We are a channel, a medium, in which ideas flow. It is our duty to use elements around us to create. These elements are at our disposal. 

DTG printed graphic, embroidery, sewn canvas pocket, and woven tag on women’s athletic Nike® hoodie

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