“5th Dimension”

In Dialogue :

Diagram on the front side of article appropriated from:
Rob Bryanton, “Imagining The Tenth Dimension”︎︎︎

“The long ungulating snake that is us will feel like it is moving in a straight line in the 4th dimension, (time) but (it) will actually be in the 5th dimension- a multitude of paths that we can branch to in any given moment.”


The thought of every version of everything existing in the same moment is a hauntingly fascinating one. To be able to travel to and from any version of our reality like how we walk up and down the street.

To walk into what has been, what never was, what is, what will be, and what can’t be.

The ultimate comprehension and control of one’s fate is a fantasy we- at some point in our lives- wish to be reality.

But there is a joy in not knowing what comes next. There is a joy in only being able to look back in time, connecting the dots; building narratives explaining how you got to the present moment.

Looking back into the past to inform a better future. Learn from our failures, basking in our triumphs.

Human existence is a feeble, fleeting, and humbling one.

Perhaps the power to tell our own stories is the only form of travel we need? The only mode of travel that makes us human.

But beyond stories- despite not being able to walk every plain of reality- to any point in time, we have more control over our fates than we like to believe.


ASGN-00 is a case study on how to implement The Artist’s work moving forward. And an effort create a model for the relationship / dialogue a.D will have with The Artist when creating Artifacts with external artwork.
This was tested using an older artwork of mine, putting said work into a new context + existence.

Screen printed graphic and woven tag on cotton shirt. (Gildan)

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